Project Spotlight - Brooklyn Austin

Named after the children of the proprietors, this label is a fun play on words. A subtle combination of the Brooklyn Bridge with an Austin, Texas skyline. Minimal use of gloss varnish creates the water under the bridge. The debossed brush stroke texture adds to the painted feel of the colorful skyline. Rounded emboss on the brand name followed by a spot gloss varnish finishes the design.

Project Spotlight - Navigator

A giant constellation globe fills the majority of this wrap label design. A lone ship resides below the brand name. The ship's reflection on the water is accented by spot gloss varnish. Heavy use of foil and embossing creates an attention grabbing, unique brand package.

Project Spotlight - Projection

This two piece wine label is designed around a memorable "P". A vintage projection screen is the base concept of the design. Subtle use of debossing creates texture and depth to the screen. Spot gloss varnish is used to create a glossy film strip. Three levels of shine are created by using overlapping varnishes. The darker block of color has a satin feel from the overlap of a matte and gloss varnish.

Project Spotlight - Precision

Developed for Balius Wines, this brand capitalizes on the use of intricate foil, embossing and spot varnishes to highlight the "gears" concept. A unique wrap label grabs initial attention while the "sun gear" offers greater detail and depth at closer inspection.

Project Spotlight - Mapleshade Reposé

This unique spirit brand, developed for G&W Distilling in Canada, was intentionally designed with a traditional "tequila" feel. Reposado: spanish for "rested", influences this "repose" spirit. A subtle color palette with heavy use of typography caters to its traditional, quality feel.